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Originally Posted by Natrlhi View Post
I liked both of these albums a lot - especially Kylesa. I will submit that I thought Spiral Shadow was a huge step backwards for Kylesa at first, but on further listens I realized that it was a very good album and that they were pushing themselves further creatively, so of course it didn't sound like Static Tensions, because it was in fact an effort to improve or build upon that sound. I still enjoy Static Tensions more overall, but Spiral Shadow is my second favorite Kylesa album, and that's saying a lot as I'm a big fan of theirs these days.

By the way, Black Tusk and Kylesa are both from the same (Savannah, GA) metal scene , and they know each other very well. Black Tusk is also friends with Baroness, and their album cover is yet another piece of awesome by John Baizley, so the fact that you compared Black Tusk to these bands is either a really big coincidence, a reflection that you have a really good ear for music, or just a confirmation that you already knew this.
I actually had no idea Black Tusk was from Savannah, it makes a lot of sense now. So apparently I have a good ear for music
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