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Originally Posted by idrinkwine732 View Post

50. Arsis - Starve for the Devil

It feels so wrong to put this album this low, and if you had asked me where this would place before it was released, I'd have said top 20. Unfortunately, it deserves to be here. I think technical death metal can be pulled off with some focus, something bands like Brain Drill just can't do, and is what made Celebration of Guilt fucking awesome and We Are the Nightmare just okay. Arsis put some focus back in there, but not to the point to make me jump for joy. It makes me sad to see such fantastic artists put out some so-so at best work.

43. Black Tusk - Taste the Sin

Sludge band with some chunky ass riffs? I'm down. However, execution is again not this band's specialty. I think Black Tusk came really close with Taste the Sin, and played a Kylesa-ish band role very well. They get a really awesome sound a few songs in, but like Kylesa, they don't have a ton of versatility. Still, a great album to rock every now and then.
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