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Originally Posted by jhdeity View Post
10) Mutiny Within - Mutiny Within - My favorite Power Metal cd of 2010. These guys are great live and the singer can belt with the best of them. Why they aren't bigger and listened to by the PM population on here if baffling to me.
I saw them open for Sonata and was bored stiff the entire time - but they were also horribly mismatched on that tour, and I fully believe you when you say they picked up more fans during their runs with Soilwork and Death Angel. They're just not my thing.

Originally Posted by jhdeity View Post
6) Shining - Blackjazz - Pure genius that belongs in the overall Top 10 on here but won't get it. Could be #1 most underrated but enough people have heard it and given it it's proper due so it falls in at #6 on this list for me. A mortal lock for my Top 10 of 2010.
I like this, but idk, I just don't see it having much staying power! Some of the songs on that are catchy as hell, though. FISH-EYE FISH-EYE
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