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Originally Posted by JLRedWing13 View Post
Mutiny Within is definitely not underrated. Quite the opposite, actually.
I don't think I've seen Mutiny Within on 1 Top of 2010 list this year so I have no clue why you would say that. Maybe they're hyped on some prog/power boards but I don't go on those. I know I didn't see anyone on this site list them very high if at all.

They blew me away live and made many new fans who were there to see Death Angel or Soilwork. They hung out with the crowd taking pictures, doing shots and were selling their cd's for $5 at the show. That pretty much epitomizes what a cool opening act and up and coming band is. No ego trips or asshole attitudes. Just cool guys glad to be playing out and meeting people. If you heard differently, you probably heard wrong.
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