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Originally Posted by mastodon421 View Post
Eminem's descent to complete shit is complete with Recovery. I didn't hate his last release, Relapse, but it was highly flawed. Recovery's biggest issue is that it's way too mainstream. Eminem no longer cares about smart lyrics, he only cares about radio hits. Shitty guest artists like Rihanna and Pink only bring the album even further down. Recovery is an absolute pile of dog shit that Eminem should be ashamed of.
I'm gonna have to disagree with this. While highly overrated, Recovery was a pretty good album and a nice direction for Em to go in. The collabs with different producers instead of just using Dr. Dre was really refreshing and I think is a smart move to help him grow as an artist. The beats are generally a mixed bag though, some work and others don't but in the end it's all a matter of personal taste whether you enjoy the beats or not. I personally love the use of samples in this album. He completely trolled Lil Wayne on that track. The other pop artists on here are decent, though that Rihanna track got played out on the radio. In terms of lyricism he rarely talks about his own life, instead we get a lot of relationship type stuff but at least it's something different. The album does contain some tracks I am not too fond of but all in all its generally a good listen.
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