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Eminem's descent to complete shit is complete with Recovery. I didn't hate his last release, Relapse, but it was highly flawed. Recovery's biggest issue is that it's way too mainstream. Eminem no longer cares about smart lyrics, he only cares about radio hits. Shitty guest artists like Rihanna and Pink only bring the album even further down. Recovery is an absolute pile of dog shit that Eminem should be ashamed of.
Eminem needs to find a new thing to rap about. Him getting clean from drugs, his mother, his daughter(Well I understand if he raps about his daughter), his ex. We have heard it all before. I listened to this album it was alright, a few songs were fine, Cold Wind Blows and Not afraid I like. I actually like the song he did with Rihanna. I do agree that this is mainstream and he is just going for radio hits now. Though Eminem has always been meanstream but his songs before relapse were actually good, real and better than all modern rap.

[55.Bring Me The Horizon-There Is A Hell,Believe Me I've Seen It. There Is A Heaven, Let's Keep It A Secret
Bring Me The Horizon's new record is a bit different from their past material and has 2 songs that I actually like. Outside of those 2 tracks, it's an emo-filled piece of shit. "Crucify Me", "Don't Go" and "It Never Ends" are way too ambitious for BMTH and end up being just as bad as their earlier material. This might be the best record BMTH has ever done, but it still fucking sucks.
Standout Tracks
1.Home Sweet Hole
2.The Fox and The Wolf
Bring me the Horizon is gross.

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