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Originally Posted by Sepultura69 View Post
I only quoted myself twice AND the only reason I did that was because you obviously were not understanding jack shit on what I was trying to say to you because everytime I would explain myself and fix the situation, you would still proceed to keep posting the same B.S such as "U saiz that the igor wasnt a founding mEmBERZZZzz" or something like that and I was just correcting you for every time you said that(and boy did you say that a lot).
Lol dude, I'm on your side about the whole Sepultura still being Sepultura thing, but let me walk you through the whole "No. And No" thing.

When you write two "no's" it implies that you're saying "no" to two different things. So naturally, the first "No," was to what Dextrimental said about "Sepultura lost two founding members," and the "And no," is to when he said "and the two main songwriters." I think everyone in the world understands that that's not how you meant it now -- hell, I think my 93-year-old grandmother knows -- but that's exactly how it looked. Thank you for the entertainment though dude!
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