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Originally Posted by PowerMaiden View Post


Track Listing

1. She Loves You
2. Love Me Do
3. I Want To Hold Your Hand
4. Canít Buy Me Love
5. A Hard Dayís Night
6. I Feel Fine
7. Eight Days A Week
8. Ticket To Ride
9. Help!
10. Yesterday
11. We Can Work It Out
12. Papperback Writter
13. Penny Lane
14. All You Need Is Love
15. Hello, Goodbye
16. Hey Jude
17. Get Back
18. Come Together
19. Let It Be
20. The Long And Winding Road

Iíve heard these classics countless times all the way back from my childhood. My parents were fan like everybody else back then and the fab 4 were playing on radio all the time. If you're into music you have to give credit to these guys. I have this on 4 track casette so I almost never listen to it anymore but it still amazing. These songs never age.

Cheers !
What the shit!? I've never heard of this Beatles comp before!
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