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That's a pretty good halestorm set for the time they're given... have seen all but one of those live.buckcherry... that set is horrible. I even like some buckcherry and the fact is that there's just too many decent songs missing.

papa roach... come on... no last resort? other than that fact its a pretty good set I suppose..

disturbed... meh there's nothing to really complain about on that set, not for the time alotted but could be better.

and in all honesty, what a weird ass line up... the only two bands I feel that belong together on that bill is p roach and buckcherry, and even that's a stretch.

edit: and how the hell is this a taste of chaos line up... as much as I like all 4 bands... are any of them save maybe disturbed truly metal? thought that was the point of taste of chaos?
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