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Originally Posted by metallicbrian666 View Post
To say they are best since Graves left honestly isn't saying much.

I do think that their biggest problem was playing the songs too fast and sloppily, but Jerry's singing is up there too. And the fact that he's a complete dick to former members.

Mike asked him if he wanted to just hang out some time, not to perform, just to reconnect, and Jerry flat out said no. Fuck him.
Yeah Jerry's singing is also part of the problem. Jerry can sing just ok at proper tempo but when you get Robo, who plays the fuckin drums like he's running, then it sounds shit. But his voice is starting to slide downhill, which hearing it at proper tempo this tour made it evident; he needs to hire a frontman or stop or something i don't know.

And in all honesty I'd kinda have a "fuck you" attitude with former members too if they bailed on me mid-gig. I do realize it was his fault but be professional and quit after the shows over. Cut like five songs out if it's that bad, then quit.
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