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Originally Posted by TonyD View Post
so are beards. hahaha that cracked me up for some reason.

You might be right Nat about Snakes. The 1st half of that cd is godly, It's the 2nd half that hasn't sunken in yet. Bison start to finish grabbed me hardcore. It's going to be a 15 round fight for me going back and forth I think. I still have Snakes a few spots higher but Bison as a whole might prevail. We'll see.

Yeah I was surprised how much I liked Misery Index. I immediately checked out the compilation they released this year Pulling Out the Nails and I'm a huge fan now. I forgot they were local guys and their connection to Dying Fetus which just makes them that much cooler. I was just judging the cd on it's own merit and I'm glad I did.

And I guess MW isn't technically Power Metal but they're as close as I get really. I'd consider Periphery Prog and those 2 bands are nothing alike.. to me at least.
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