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Originally Posted by Sepultura69 View Post
Yes I do. First off I think everything Sepultura came out with after "Chaos A.D" is total and utter dog shit. "Roots" is a horrible crappy tribal pop-nu metal educed excuse of an album. "Against" is a pretty shitty terrible album as well, I can't stand one track on that record. "Nation" is a very bad album too, don't even get me started with "Nation". I loath all those albums, they all suck simple and plain. However I really do like "roorback", "Dante XXI" and there newest release "A-Lex" alot. Sepultura have released 3 awesome albums after Max left compared to Soufly which has never released one good album.
Soulfly's 'Dark Ages" and "Conquer" kill anything Sepultura has done since Chaos AD. I tried to get into newer Sepultura like Dante XXI and A-Lex, there's some good songs on them, but for the most part i just found them boring...most of the songs didn't stand out. I know Soulfly's first few albums sucked, but the last few have been killer.
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