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The Most Underrated cd's of 2010

I've made some comments on cd's I thought were going to be overrated this year so I thought since I heard over 200 cd's this year why not list the most underrated? Most of these aren't on any lists I've seen or maybe a few in Shining and Periphery's case but these probably won't make any overall Top 10 lists so I thought they deserved their own recognition. Props to hb420 for being the only person who has even mentioned the new Sodom release which might be their best in a decade.

10) Mutiny Within - Mutiny Within - My favorite Power Metal cd of 2010. These guys are great live and the singer can belt with the best of them. Why they aren't bigger and listened to by the PM population on here if baffling to me.

9) Heaven Shall Burn - Invictus - Once again I come in at the end of a trilogy and have to backtrack. Their Therapy? cover as a bonus track just adds to the strength of this cd.

8) Howl - Full of Hell - Loved this cd the 1st time I heard it. I thought once it sunk in it might crack my Top 10. Not quite, but Top 20 definitely.

7) Misery Index - Heirs to Thievery - I've seen these guys as openers and never really got into them. This cd changed that. Another Top 20 pick from a band that came out of nowhere for me.

6) Shining - Blackjazz - Pure genius that belongs in the overall Top 10 on here but won't get it. Could be #1 most underrated but enough people have heard it and given it it's proper due so it falls in at #6 on this list for me. A mortal lock for my Top 10 of 2010.

5) Hellish Crossfire - Bloodrust Scythe - A friend burned me this cd knowing I would love it and he was right. It's 1988 thrash metal done to perfection.

4) Lair of the Minotaur - Evil Power - I have no idea why this cd isn't on a bunch of lists on here and in other publications. I hear so many influences in here including Carnivore, Venom, Sodom and so many others. Definitely in my Top 15.

3) Periphery - Periphery - Local boys blowing up! I was hounded to go to a local show to see these guys and man was I happy I did. I had never even heard of them and they had my jaw on the floor most of the night. How many bands cover Meshuggah? Only 1 that I know. Periphery! These guys will be HUGE one day. Another lock for my Top 10. If you want a real treat search for their 2004-2008 demos. They cover Glints Collide, Elastic, New Millenium Cyanide Christ & Mouth Licking along with some other gems. 99 demos including the craziest Suicidal influenced xmas song ever penned.

2) Bison BC - Dark Ages - I loved this cd, forgot about it and have recently picked it back up. WOW! I'm guessing Snakes for the Divine will be in our overall Top 10 but I have a hard time ranking that cd over this one. I might have to listen to both a few more times but if you like HOF, Kylesa, Howl and bands like that definitely check out Bison BC. Currently in my #10 spot

1) Sodom - In War and Pieces - I might not even know about this cd if Sodom wasn't scheduled to play 20 min from my house only to cancel. I haven't heard any reviews of it or anyone even hype it at all. Let me tell you, the thrash is back! Hellfire is one of the best songs released in 2010. The cd also comes with a 25th anniversary concert that includes some live gems including Christ Passion, Sodomy and Lust & One Step Over the Line that make this cd package the most underrated of 2010 to me.
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