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Yea I have a habit of typing out setlists in caps. Not quite sure why I do it to be honest.

Originally Posted by ryan_streets View Post
sign of the hammer and thor are my two favorite songs by them, and the other 3 they always play live. thats why their set is that way
Like I said, its not really the songs (well except for H&H), its the way you organized them. You DO NOT start a show with Battle Hymn. You end with it. That's like Zeppelin starting the show with Stairway.

As for Heaven & Hell, Manowar should not be playing that song. Not only because way too many fucking people are covering it already, but if you're Manowar, the Kings of Metal, you aren't supposed to be "claiming influences." You're supposed to kayfabe believe that you're the beginning and end of all metal and that before you there was nothing. I don't give a shit if Manowar decided to personally cover all my favorite songs by other bands and even play them in the right key. When I go to a gig, I go to a mystical land where Manowar, their enemies, conquering their enemies are all there is to life, and their mystical hymns are all there is to music. If Manowar did one cover, I'd be seriously pissed.

Not only that, but its been claimed that Warriors of the World sounds exactly like the verses of Heaven & Hell, so it just really makes them look weird.
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