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Originally Posted by Sanitarium78 View Post
The reason they sold out MSG is quite simple. It has nothing to do with them being insanely popular at all. The fact is they haven't toured here in forever, they played MSG on a saturday night and it was their only US date announced. So you got fans from all over North America to make a weekend trip to NYC and see them. That's the reason they sold the place out.

They may have a good following but if this wasn't a special one time only performance they wouldn't have had a chance in hell of selling out MSG.
I was about to say the same thing you just said.

Although, I would add that since they haven't toured the US in 10 years, it's hard to say what their potential draw really is. My personal opinion is that if they toured the US once per album cycle (every 2-4 years), they could probably sell out a few arena shows, like New York/Chicago/Los Angeles. Maybe one or two other major markets that are not geographically near those 3, like Texas or Florida. But I don't think they could do a full US tour of every major market and still sell out arenas.

The problem is it doesn't make financial sense for them to bring their whole stage setup halfway across the world just to play a few shows. Fortunately they seem to have found success in Canada and South America too, so hopefully they can string a bunch of dates together across North/South America so it makes financial sense to come back.

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