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Originally Posted by Sepultura69 View Post
You're point?....We all know the Cavaleras where the founding members. We where talking about Main song writers which where Andreas and Max....not who the founding members are.

Whats wrong with continuing a band he helped built and create? He's motivated and still want's to go on with the good name that he helped make back when he joined in 87' and I respect him alot for that. Max left and Andreas wanted to go on and I look extremely forward to headbanging with him in January

I don't know what the problem with A-LEX is. It has a lot of epic and heavy tuness like Moloko Mesto, We've Lost you, Sadistic Values, Strike, The Treatment ect.

That's true. They definitely wouldn't be playing at the House of blues by my place which is fairly small.
Cuz you said No when I first pointed out the Cavaleras were the founding members, read back at your older post.

Continuing without Max isn't too bad, but without both the Cavaleras seems just, well, odd, and a lil almost Mustain-esque. The Cavaleras created the sound, whether you like it or not Sepulturas sound is the riffs and the drumming, like any thrash band, and that was the Cavaleras. And epic and heavy tunes are all well and god, but do they sound like Sepultura?

And yup, which is a shame if I'm honest, cuz Soulfly are quite big, as are Cavalera Conspiray, but none will ever be as big as what Sepultura could've been.
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