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Originally Posted by Dextrimental View Post
In point two, YES they were the founding members, thats how the band started, with the Igors jamming together.
Your point?....We all know the Cavaleras were the founding members. We're talking about Main song writers which were Andreas and Max....not who the founding members are.

Originally Posted by Dextrimental View Post
Fair point Andreas had a great say in things once he came on board to solidify a gigging line up, but to continue on without the two dudes that gave him the chance in the first place is wrong IMO, his writing, much like Max's, is becoming stagnant, I will agree Dante had some FANTASTIC moments, the violin in Ostia has always brought a tear to my eye, but the last album barely even sounds like Sepultura anymore.
Whats wrong with continuing a band he helped built and create? He's motivated and still want's to go on with the good name that he helped make back when he joined in 87' and I respect him alot for that. Max left and Andreas wanted to go on and I look extremely forward to headbanging with him in January

I don't know what the problem with A-LEX is. It has a lot of epic and heavy tuness like Moloko Mesto, We've Lost you, Sadistic Values, Strike, The Treatment ect.

Originally Posted by Dextrimental View Post
And true, but they were getting HUGE, they'd be playing much bigger venues now if Max was still with them..
That's true. They definitely wouldn't be playing at the House of blues by my place which is fairly small.
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