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Motorhead -- Lund, Sweden -- December 4th, 1993

1. Ill be your sister
2. Traitor
3. Im so bad (baby I dont care)
4. Metropolis
5. Liar
6. Stay clean
7. On your feet, on your knees
8. Lost in the ozone
9. Mikkey Dee drum solo
10. The one to sing the blues
11. You better run
12. Burner
13. We bring the shake
14. Going to Brazil
15. Born to raise hell
16. Killed by death
17. Overkill
18. Cat scratch fever
19. Ace of spades

My first time seeing Motorhead, a great gig (and bloody LOUD) and it was great to hear the songs from Bastards that they never play anymore. Burner is an alltime favourite of mine!
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