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Originally Posted by Sepultura69 View Post
I'm calling bullshit on that. When was this? A link would be nice aswell. This sounds like something Max Cavalera would say in an interview(especially with his recent runnings of random bullshit rants of "he said she said" malarkey)

No. And No.

Max and Igor where not the main Song writers of Sepultura. Max has said in countless interviews that he and Andreas where the main song writers of Sepultura and that Igor did "come up with some cool beats here and there" and that Paolo didn't do jack shit in the band. As for "Height of there Career".....Whether it was during there career defining moments it still doesn't change the fact that they where heading towards a bad direction, musically(Roots is a horrible album and so is everything that has been released by Soulfy thus far)
In point one, I have an issue of Metal Hammer which states it, it was the band themselves, not Max. Obviously they decided it against it, but it was definitely the band that were thinking about it.

In point two, YES they were the founding members, thats how the band started, with the Igors jamming together. Fair point Andreas had a great say in things once he came on board to solidify a gigging line up, but to continue on without the two dudes that gave him the chance in the first place is wrong IMO, his writing, much like Max's, is becoming stagnant, I will agree Dante had some FANTASTIC moments, the violin in Ostia has always brought a tear to my eye, but the last album barely even sounds like Sepultura anymore. And true, but they were getting HUGE, they'd be playing much bigger venues now if Max was still with them..
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