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Originally Posted by Sepultura69 View Post
Yup....Just like how most people that go see Exodus these days think its the "Original band". I don't see no Paul Ballof(R.I.P)....I thought this was suppose to be the original "Exodus"??? Since Chris Barnes, Jack Owen and Bob Rusay are not in Cannibal Corpse anymore I think we can safely assume the current line up of Cannibal Corpse is a "cover band"......Am I right?....
I'm gonna throw my two cents on this one just cuz what I think you're saying is slightly, well, wrong. Exodus and Cannibal Corpse lost members, yes, prominent ones too, however, their core songwriting team or even member has remained consistent. Webster has and continues to be the main songwriter in Cannibal Corpse, mostly lyrcially qith quite a bit of say in the musical side of things. Gary Holt for Exodus is the same. Napalm Death were a different deal since their founding member left as his other band took off and he had to tour, that being the dude from Carcass. Sepultura lost the two founding members, and the two MAIN song-writers. And even with that, they lost them at the height of their career commercially. Napalm Death lost theirs early on, and Cannibal Corpse and Exodus have lost theirs through various happenings within the band. Hell the current line up of Sepultura were gonna change their name not too long ago, so they clearly know they aren't the 'true' Sepultura.
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