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I love reading y'all's comments!
"they sound nothing like slipknot"
"slipknot sucks"
"lemme's quote is invalid" You guy's are hilarious!

Just look at the interest this thread has generated, 2,300 reads in 3 days!

I had a hell of a time finding a recent setlist for them on line before this show, nothing on setlist fm (heard their mgmt theatened them or something??). I am no Rammstein expert, but I had pieced the setlist together with my limited knowledge, but the young man posted the set before me, cause I went to my local bar in uptown manhattan to drink more beer that didn't cost $9 bucks a bottle! (Ridiculous price, totall robbery!) and to tell of my revelation that night! I still can't believe how much fire and flame I saw. It really was crazy!

Now some answers:

Yes of course there we're people waving german flags, Uruguayan flags, etc. others, but i gotta tell ya the crazy american teens standing next to me were banging their fists on their knees like the singer, they knew all the words, all the cues. I was amazed. Talked to a metal fan (Nile t-shirt) that flew up from florida to see this! I had just seen ozzy there 9 days before and the energy in there couldn't have been more different considering it's essentailly the same demographic buying tix. Those pictures posted here are excellent representations of what happened. I'll have to go to youtube and see whats going on.

BTW, made 2 circles around the garden after, looking for t-shirt bootlegs... NOTHING! Seems either they didn't bother with the one-off show, (no tour), or the plain clothes cops had snuffed them out. The actual Rammstein merch was selling well $35 for shirts, the custom event shirt with the burning statue of liberty was gone before they even played! all over i saw the vendors getting the last shirts off the wall, after the show!
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