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Misfits -- Farmingdale, NY -- December 12th, 2010

This show had 10 opening bands. Some of them were alright. It was a mix of punk and metal bands. Their were some really lame pop punk bands, and the a couple of the metal bands were just typical Pantera knock offs. The crowd was growing very tired of all these openers but everyone rejoiced when the Misfits came out at 11:30 (the doors opened at 4:30 and I was their the whole time.)

2.Earth A.D.
4.Horror Business
5.Hybrid Moments
6.Teenagers From Mars
8.Some Kinda Hate
9.Astro Zombie
11.I Turned Into A Martian
12.20 Eyes
13.Six Pack (Black Flag cover)
14.Horror Hotel
15.Ghoul's Night Out
17.Hollywood Babylon
18.London Dungeon
19.Thisrty & Miserable (Black Flag cover)
20.Abominable Dr. Phibes
21.American Psycho
22.Walk Among Us
23.From Hell They Came
24.The Monkey's Paw
25.Dig Up Her Bones
26.Kong At The Gates
27.The Forbidden Zone
29.Jealous Again (Black Flag cover)
30.Land Of The Dead
31.Saturday Night
32.Descending Angel
33.Rise Above (Black Flag cover)
34.Die Die My Darling

Anyone who has ever been to the Crazy Donkey knows that the sound is god awful. *But this takes the cake for the worst sound i've ever heard from the headlining band at this venue. But I didn't let that ruin the show for me and I still had a great time. The Black Flag covers were great and when they closed with Die Die My Darling the crowd went nuts. This is the first show I've ever been to where their was no barricade, during this song their was tons of stage diving and people were going on stage and kicking over the bands equipment. All in all it was a good show dispite the shitty sound and ridiculous amount of openers.

*Looking back Cannibal Corpse sounded just as shitty when I saw them back in April.

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