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Originally Posted by Malevolent Mike View Post
That sucks. They had to cut 4 songs from their set the least time they played in Tempe in Feb. What really frustrates me though is that they don't play some of their best songs live, like Holographic Universe, Deus Ex Machina, The Kaleidoscopic God, Eleventh Sphere... honestly I'd rather hear ANYTHING off of the Holographic Universe album other than Morphogenesis. It's one of the most generic songs they've ever recorded, totally radio single material. Doesn't really represent what they're capable of.
That's funny you mention those songs. I had a chance to talk to all of the guys after the Hypocrisy show and the first thing I said was that they need to play Holographic Universe and The Kaleidoscopic God more. If I remember correctly Lars said that they opened the first show he ever did with Holographic Universe. I think he said it was in Portugal or something.
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