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Track Listing

1. She Sells Sanctuary
2. Fire Woman
3. Lilí Devil
4. Spiritwatcher
5. The Witch
6. Revolution
7. Wild Hearted Son
8. Love Removal Machine
9. Rain
10. Edie (Ciao Baby)
11. Heart Of Sould
12. Love
13. Wild Flower
14. Go West
15. Resurection Joe
16. Sun King
17. Sweet Soul Sister
18. Earth Mofo

I got this probably really soon after it came out. Back then it was great party music to get things going with girls :p . I never listen to this anymore and after listening to it right now I feel ashame that it made my list almost haha ! but just for the great memories this albums gives me, it deserve it's 96'th place on my list.

Cheers !
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