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Unbelieveable Show!

MSG was packed to the hilt. and Most suites and boxes had people in them as well.

Hands down, the most pyro, most fire, most stage production i've ever seen in a rock show. Many old time metal bands could learn a thing or two by seeing rammstein live. You wanna sell out the Garden, and make a huge buzz on the internet. Check out Rammstein. Their production costs, the HUGE set (constantly changing as the night went on), the custom lights, lasers, TONS of pyro, (the kerosene/gas bill must be ridiculous, literally every song had a different method of shooting fire 20 feet into the air), put everything i've seen in the last 10 years to shame. The ticket cost was $79.50+$12.75, for floor section 9. 1/3 floor was G.A. then 2/3 floor was seated, by comparison, Ozzy last week was $89.50+$13.70, his MSG show was only 2/3 to 3/4 full, and the show was OK, great to see him, but he didn't have 15,000 people chanting his songs. His fire had no comparison, his foam rifle was nothing compared to the cannon mentioned above. Ozzy had the big video screen behind him. Rammstein, no video screen, but didn't need it, when the show is about crunching music, massive pyro and the presence of the band, especially the singer. What a performance. I was rivited.

I never in my life would have believed 15,000 people in new york city would know all those german lyrics. It was simply unbelieveable!

Weezer, Roseland, 12/17 (blue album show)
Paul Dianno, BBKings, 12/21 (1st I.M. LP complete!)
GWAR, times square, 12/26 (gotta get slimed)
Smithereens, BBKings, 1/15 (back to college days!)
Lynch Mob, BBKings, 1/31 (best of Dokken/L.M.!)
RUSH, MSG, 4/10 too f'ing $$$$ Geddy WTF?

don't laugh at my list, last 3 shows we're soulfly, ozzy, cannibal!
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