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Rammstein -- New York, NY -- December 11th, 2010

There is no word that can describe an experience like seeing Rammstein live. It's intense. It's spiritual. It's relentless. More importantly, it's. fucking. hot.

Till Lindemann was spot on. Paul and Richard were very energetic. Christoph is a god damn machine. Ollie is a bass player worth being heard, but, unfortunately, he was not. At least from where I was. And Flake... he is a fucking madman.

I've been listening to this band since I was 7 years old. I have been waiting for this day for the last 12 years. It was nothing short of ridiculous. Better than anything I could have expected.

Below is an updated setlist along with all of the stage antics and pyro (that I can remember):

Rammleid - opening note along with all the chords in the chorus came with a loud BOOM and fireworks
B******* - Flake starts dancing around the stage like a lunatic
Weidmann's Hail
Keine Lust
Weisses Fleisch
Feuer Frei
- so much fire
Weiner Blut - at the beginning of the song, 2 lines with babies hanging from them come down from the ceiling of the stage, all of which have these green laser lights for eyes. at the end of the song, all of them explode.
Fruhling in Paris
Ich tu Dir Weh
- After Flake kicks him to the ground, Till picks the pianist up and puts him in this wheel barrow. Till then gets on this pillar that starts rising about 10 feet in the air. He then pours a bucket of what seems to be FIRE into the wheelbarrow. At the end of the song, Flake comes out of his container, dressed in this silver suit that shined brighter than any light and continues to dance like a lunatic
Du Richt so Gut
- Till brings out this gas pump (literally something that looks like a pump you'd see at a gas station) and in the middle of the song, he sets someone on fire. I think it was staged to look like someone hopped on stage and that guy got set on fire. Very intense.
Links 2-3-4
Du Hast
- At the end of the song, the stagehands bring out this giant aluminum penis that ejaculates foam all over the audience

Sonne - crazy light show
Ich Will

- Till comes out with these giant metal angel wings with flame throwers at the tips

If I've left anything out, please inform me

and no, the song "Rammstein" was not played.

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