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Track Listing

disc 1

1. Ace Of Spades
2. Motörhead
3. Jailbait
4. Stay Clean
5. Too Late, Too Late
6. Killed By Death
7. Bomber
8. Iron Fist
9. Shine
10. Dancing On Your Grave
11. Metropolis
12. Snaggletooth

Disc 2:

1. Overkill
2. Please Don’t Touch
3. Stone Dead Forever
4. Like A Nightmare
5. Emergency
6. Steal Your Face
7. Louie, Louie
8. No Class
9. Iron Horse
10. (We Are) The Road Crew
11. Leaving Here (live)
12. Locomotive

I have never been a die-hard Motorhead fan but a best-of of this legendary band released in their glory days in ' 84 which covers their first 6 albums is pretty much essential to get my dose of Motörhead when I feel like it. All the classics are there with 4 extra songs (who are now classics too ). I had most of theses songs on 4 track casettes in my youth and it was always welcome in my walkman once in a while. When I have learn that I would see them 3 times in 4 nights with Maiden and Dio in 2003 I have felt the need to officiallise my relation with them by getting this album. By the way I really didn’t like them that much live though: way too much distortion, sound was bad the 3 nights (NYC, Québec city and Montreal) and full of feedbacks. But studio, Motörhead it is dirty, hostile and starved. Just the way I like it …

Cheers !
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