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Originally Posted by Blackened12 View Post
1. Satellite 15... The Final Frontier
2. El Dorado
3. The Trooper
4. Alexander the Great
5. Coming Home
6. The Longest Day
7. The Talisman
8. 2 Minutes to Midnight
9. Fear of the Dark
10. Mother of Mercy
11. Brave New World
12. Iron Maiden
13. Where The Wild Wind Blows


14. The Number of the Beast
15. The Evil That Men Do
16. Run to the Hills

This seems reasonable to me and I would love to see something like this. Tried to balance new album stuff with classics plus some reunion era thrown in, maybe there's a few that can be switched around or replaced. Thoughts?

well as much as I love alexander the grate, putting it on any dream set that is entitled realistic is silly, because they're never going to play it.

also I think like 90% of that is realistic, although some of the ordering, I'd change.
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