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My New Drumset

Hey guys. I figured the drummers here, or the ones who like looking at drumsets would like this. I just got a new drumset, for free, from my old guitarist in my old Metal cover band. Long story short, he no longer has room for his kit and he gave it to me.

I just picked it up yesterday. I was planning on taking pictures and video today, but unfortunately, if you've seen the weather in the midwest, I'm not able to leave my house due to the snow. So I won't have pictures or video for probably a week or so *another long story that is boring*

so in the meantime I made this kit builder version of my kit, Hope you guys dig it:

For those who can't read the specs:

Drums: Pearl Export: Joey Jordison Signature Export kit *thankfully without the logo heads, we took those off when I first started using the kit a couple years back*

10" tom
12" Tom
13" Tom
14" Pearl Vinnie Paul Signature snare
14" Floor Tom
16" Floor Tom
(2) 22" Bass Drum

Cymbals: Various *From Left To Right*:

10" Sabian Paragon Splash
14" Zildjian A Mastersound Hi-Hats
16" Zildjian K Custom Dark Crash
18" Zildjian A Medium Thin Crash
11" Zildjian K Custom Hybrid Splash
21" Sabian HHX Groove Ride *used for BOTH crashing and riding*
22" Sabian Paragon Ride
19" Sabian Vault Crash
18" Wuhan China

Percussion: LP

LP Rock Rider Cowbells
LP Cyclops Tamborine
LP Jam Block *Red, not Yellow*

Remo Pinstripes over Stock Pearl heads, Aquarian resonant bass heads, Remo Powersonic Bass Batter heads
Pearl/PDP Hardware, either stands or Pearl Icon Rack *haven't decided yet*
Pearl Powershifter bass pedals *Switching to Iron Cobras*
DW 5ooo Hi-hat Pedal
Roc-N-Soc Drum Throne
Various Sticks in 5A and 5B
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