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Here my picks for the Top 5 Best Album Covers

5.As I Lay Dying-The Powerless Rise
Jake Bannon did the cover for this and I always like his stuff, this is no exception.

4.Howl-Full Of Hell
This is just one bad-ass cover plain and simple, the artwork is really interesting and strikes you right off the bat.

3.Carnifex-Hell Chose Me
This cover is easily the best thing about the album. This cover embodies the title and it's really an evil and awesome cover. Too bad a shit album got such an awesome cover.

Overkill has a history of killer album covers, but I think takes the cake. They one of the coolest logos in all of metal and it's on full display here.

1.Intronaut-Valley Of Smoke
This cover is equal parts awesome and pretty. A truely gorgeous cover that is just a great piece of art.
3/2 Migos
3/30 Intronaut/Scale the Summit
4/7 Waka Flocka
4/17 Kvelertak
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