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Eyehategod -- Fayettevile, AR -- December 8th, 2010

This will be more of a review than it is setlist as it's a little difficult to get a full setlist from EHG as they just kind of do it on the fly and I am not as familiar w/ them. From what I do remember they played:

30$ Bag
Sister Fucker Parts 1 & 2
White Nigger
Serving Time In The Middle of Nowhere
Jackass In The Will Of God

That's all that I remember. If I can find more I'll update it. Now onto the review portion. First time going to Drifters. Which really amounts to a small bar. Probably a little over 100 there but wow what a rowdy crowd. Sign was cracking me up b/c the G looked scratched out and the sign looked like it said Eyehatecod, look at the pic if you don't believe me. Anyway...I bought a tour shirt for all of $15 and even though I think they are generall lame I bought an EHG trucker hat as well for $10, some of the cheapest priced merchandise. Their support band was Phobia. First time I'd ever heard of them before. Not too bad. For those unfamiliar w/ them I'd say the closest type of music they would be is grindcore, although in parts they were more hardcore. Only played 30 minutes and they probably played atleast 20 songs. Not anything too bad, found it odd that they would be on tour w/ a band like Eyehategod but still they were a solid band.

I am a newcomer to EHG so I don't know how common this is. But out of all the shows I've ever been to I have never seen a lead singer as intoxicated as Mike Williams Is the normal? Semi-norma? Or did I catch him on a real good/bad night? He starts of buy saying "I don't know where the fuck we are at tonight". We are talking stumbling over drunk. Tonight I managed to help keep Mike from falling into the crowd, and almost got hit by the mic stand several times. He also fell down and laid on the stage for atleast a full minute and then somehow got back up. And almost backed into the drums and knocked them over several times. The intense part happened when Mike had his back to Jimmy and he just playfully pushed Mike w/ his foot, not even a full kick, just pushed him and Mike got straight pissed and got in Jimmy's face. I was right in front of the stage and heard alot of "fuck you" "no, fuck you" and pushing each other and shit. I thought Mike was gonna get pissed and say fuck this and leave, luckily he did not. That was the first confrontation that I have seen on stage. Everyone on the otherside of the stage had the deer in the headlight look. After the show the 2 of them went to the side of the stage and they seemed cool after that but wow it was intense, even though I think Jimmy would have killed him, sober Mike or not. Onto the musical portion of it. Holy shit, that is the heaviest shit I've ever heard in my life, nothing even comes close to it. Everything they do is heavy, for those who have seen them and know what I'm talking about, but it was phenomenal when there was nothing but feedback and they just held those notes for well over a minute. Granted even in the cds its tough to decipher Mike's vocals and in a live setting and intoxicated Mike I don't think I was able to make out a single word. Still loved every moment of it. Very impressive, they played from 10:50 till around 12:20. Finally a "real" headlining set, not this 60-65 minute crap. Band was absolutely tight. I highly suggest to do yourself a favor and see Eyehategod atleast once, this was w/o a doubt the most unpredictible show I've ever seen that seemed like it had atleast a little element of danger. Got some fairly good pictures, unfortunately the majority of the EHG pics are from my iPhone but I was right up front so they still looked pretty good. I managed to get a picture of Mike face down as well. Thanks for reading.
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