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Originally Posted by zgodt View Post
But, I mean, you don't think actual evil is cool. Right? It's all symbolic and metaphorical? You're not down with actually beating cats to death, say, or celebrating slave-rape? Because I think I can relate to the theory, but where bands cross into actual cruelty, I can't follow.
Well, right. Actual evil, if we're going to use the word "evil" to mean amoral, criminal activities in this world, is unforgivable. I'm kind of struggling with where I draw that line right now since Watain does horrible things to animals (and I've already supported them financially) and Arghoslent, whom I'm starting to get really into, has horrible, horrible racist lyrics (haven't bought anything of theirs.) I'm working on it. As a metalhead, this is kind of one of the big questions, and I haven't figured out where I stand just yet.

Metaphorical evil is attractive to me, though, yes. I think even a band like Iron Maiden plays up that kind of evil to some degree, putting Eddie on their covers. Mercyful Fate were just a nice group of Danish dudes who happened to sing about witchcraft and paint inverted crosses on their heads from time to time.

At the end of the day, though, the music has to back it up. Deicide has been (lyrically) fucking God and hailing Satan for a lot longer than Watain, but their music sucks. If Watain didn't write great black metal songs, at least part of this debate would be moot.
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