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The corpsepaint, the altars, the fire, the artwork, the air of mystery they carry themselves with, their usually pretty awesome lyrics about the devil and darkness and witchery...the animal "sacrifice" is the thing I'm the least attracted to, but it's a part of the image they offer, and I guess I don't really mind it. Never been a vegetarian, never been an animal rights advocate, never really cared that much about that movement, so it's obvious that it wouldn't stir up my emotions to see the band present animal sacrifice as a part of their shtick.

I mean, here's some sample lyrics, from "Reaping Death," probably my favorite song of theirs at this point:

"Higher, higher/Come on, you sons of fire/Daughters of the black moon/Practitioners of arts most dire"

"Hail! Hail!/Thou who makes the cosmos wail/In anguish as we fuck the world/And sodomize the god that failed."

I'm sure you can see how that's attractive to the same guy who as a 12-year-old bought his first Iron Maiden album after hearing "666/The number of the beast/Hell and fire were spawned to be released." I mean, I was a Christian when I got into metal and that shit was still attractive to me. I like darkness, I like dark imagery, I like "evil" stuff, even though I know it's all nonsense. I wouldn't like metal if I wasn't attracted to that side of humanity. So is the animal sacrifice a little bit silly? Inhuman even? Well, sure, but it's part of a package that appeals to me, the kid who grumbled about going to Sunday school and went home to listen to Slayer.

That's all.
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