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Josh's favorite stuffs.

i.e. albums from the past that I bought this year. (except #5, but I thought that album was way better than BBW )

10. Van Halen-1984 *

9. Tie: Cynic-Focus/Traced In Air

8. Darkthrone- A Blaze In The Northern Sky

7. Mayhem- De Mysteriis Dom Sathanas

6. Deicide- Deicide

5. High On Fire- Snakes For The Divine

4. Dissection- Storm of the Light's Bane

3. Morbid Angel- Blessed Are The Sick

2. Immortal- Sons of Northern Darkness

1. Bathory- Hammerheart

* this album would be #1 if it weren't for the fact that frankly, I've a had a copy (meaning the tracks from it on the greatest hits album combine with the remaining tracks I ripped from my aunts copy of the album) for probably two years now. I merely bought it for the sake of completing my collection. While I honestly do like 1984 better than anything on this list, I would feel disingenuous putting that at #1 while I've been listening to rest of these albums more to get them in my system. That, plus I was kinda struggling for a 10 spot, and I would feel even more disingenuous putting Rush's "All The World's a Stage" on there, which, all though very very good, I only listened to once.

I'll update this with more information later, but considering I'm not really planning on exploring any new bands until I get a new iPod, I think the time has come for me to put this up.
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