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Avantasia -- Stockholm, Sweden -- December 5th, 2010

The Metal Opera Comes to Town Tour
Venue: Fryshuset Arenan

Twisted Mind (TS)
The Scarecrow (TS) (JL)
Promised Land (TS) (JL)
Serpents In Paradise (TS) (JL)
The Story Ain't Over (TS) (BC)
Reach Out For The Light (TS) (MK)
The Tower (TS) (MK)
Death Is Just A Feeling (TS) (KH)
Lost In Space (TS)
In Quest For (TS) (BC)
Runaway Train (TS) (JL) (BC)
Dying For An Angel (TS) (MK)
Stargazers (MK) (JL) (OH)
Farewell (TS) (AS) (MK)
The Wicked Symphony (TS) (JL) (O)
The Toy Master (TS) (KH)
Shelter From The Rain (TS) (MK) (BC) (KH-g)
Avantasia (TS) (MK) (KH-g)
Sign of The Cross/The Seven Angels (TS) (MK) (JL) (BC) (KH-g)

Tobias Sammet - lead vocals (TS)
Oliver Hartmann - guitar all songs, lead vocals (OH)
Sascha Paeth - guitar all songs
Felix Bohnke - drums all songs
Robert Hunecke-Rizzo - bass all songs
Miro Rodenberg - keyboards all songs
Amanda Somerville - backing vocals all songs, lead vocals (AS)
Michael Kiske - lead vocals (MK)
Jorn Lande - lead vocals (JL)
Kai Hansen - lead vocals (KH), guitar (KH-g)
Bob Catley - lead vocals (BC)

2/7 Alice Cooper
3/7 Alice Cooper
17/7 Ripper Owens
24/7 Scorpions
6/8 Queensryche
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