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Talking Indestructibles Top Ten Albums Of 2010

Keep in mind that I am not good at reviewing albums.

1. Nevermore - The Obsidian Conspiracy

I have been into metal since I was 12 and to this day no band has blown me away like Nevermore has, so I knew they would get album of the year for me.
Nevermore has yet to dissapoint me and I don't think they ever will. In my opinon Nevermore is one of those few bands where everything they have ever done is perfect. This is a Nevermore album so it is really hard to choose my faovrite song. Moonrise, Without Morals, The Day you Built The Wall, She comes In Colors all great songs. If you have never heard of Nevermore and you would like to listen to them, start with this album.

2. Iron Maiden - The Final Frontier

This album took a few listens to get into but it grew on me.
Favorite song- Isle of Avalon

3. Exodus - Exhibit B: The Human Condition

I don't know much from Exodus infact Shovel Headed Kill Machine and Exhibit B are the only two Exodus albums I have heard in full. This album is great, that's all I can say. My favorite song would have to be March Of The Sycophants.

4. Fear Factory - Mechanize

This is anothe great album from 2010. Fear Factory always amazes me. Mostly with the drumming. This album is the first time I have ever heard Gene Hoglan drum and he did not dissapoint. My favorite song from this would have to be Powershifter.

5. Alter Bridge - AB III

If you want modern/mainstream hard rock done right, listen to Alter Bridge.
This is the thrid Alter Bridge album and they did well. My favorite song on AB III would have to be Isolation or Ghost Of Days Gone By.

6. Overkill - Ironbound

First Overkill album I have heard and it did not disapoint.
Favorite song - The Green And Black

7. Disturbed - Asylum

As you all know by now I am a Disturbed fan so none of you should be shocked to see Asylum in my top ten. Say what you want but I think this might be Disturbeds best album. Give it a shot definetly some good songs on the album. Asylum, The infection and Serpentine are really good songs.
My favorite song from this album is Serpentine(Possibly my favorite Disturbed song).

8. Danzig - Deth Red Sabaoth

Good album by Danzig this year.
Favorite song - Hammer of the Gods

9. Soilwork - The Panic Broadcast

Favorite songs - Two Lives Worth Of Reckoning and Night Comes Clean

10. Blind Guardian - At The Edge of Time

First Time I have heard Blind Guardian. I never liked power metal before, but these guys are really good. Favorite song: Tanelorn (Into The Void)

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