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Kai is great!

Kai looks absolutely GORGEOUS now! I mean:
  • Tobi is kinda cute - like a squirrel on speed or something. A cute, furry squirrel you'd like to pet all the time
  • Jorn is devilish and a little puffy. One could be awe-struck (in a negative way) - until he starts to sing. Then you're completely in awe (in a very positive way).
  • Bob is just ghostly and unsynchronized (but still kinda cool).
  • Kiske is unrivaled because he's Kiske. But if I have to give him a tag: He looks like the nice guy next door who will always help you with whatever is broken - and he'll always look cool helping you.
  • Now Kai... he's just hot. Absolutely hot. With his hat. His hair. His sleeveless shirt. The swinging of his hips. His impish smile. I'm completely enthralled...

Just wanted to remark that not everyone disapproves of his hair. And oh, I'm a girl
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