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Ozzy Osbourne -- Cleveland, OH -- December 5th, 2010

Good show in Cleveland tonight at the Quicken Loans Arena.

I haven't seen Rob Halford perform since 2005 when I saw Judas Priest, and I haven't seen Ozzy since 2005 either, when he was with Black Sabbath. I haven't seen Rob's solo band before. I was pretty impressed by Rob's performance. My impression of this concert vs. Judas Priest in 2005 is that Rob enjoys himself more with his solo band. He sounded great. Better than I remember him sounding in 2005, to be honest. His set definitely exceeded my expectations, and I enjoyed it a lot. Very metal.

I enjoyed Ozzy's set quite a bit too. I haven't seen his solo band yet, and I think they have a great line-up right now. Gus G. seems to have brought some energy to the band that just wasn't there with Zakk imo. Ozzy was suffering from an ear infection though, so we got a reduced set. He apologized several times for the short show, and for his performance. Despite being sick, he gave a good performance. I'm impressed how active the guy is at his age, and his condition (on top of the infection.) His humor is still great too. In short: it was just a good time with Ozzy.


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