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Originally Posted by Dmitry Kulikov View Post
01. Devouring Frenzy
02. Horror Detox
03. Chemo Therapy
04. The Process Of Suffocation
05. Mind Reflections
06. Dehydrated (I & II)
07. Chronic Infection
08. Hate Suicide
09. Land Of Tears


10. Resurrection Macabre
11. The Secrecies Of Horror
12. Out Of The Body
That looks just like the setlist we got here when they played in Los Angeles. Minus maybe one or two songs? When I saw Pestilence play here back in June, they only played for exactly one Hour and that was it. 12 am - 1am and done.... Then again.... We Got our tickets for 15 bucks at the door. Vital Remains + Warbringer + Pestilence Line up....I can't really complain

At our show it was on a tuesday night and only about 25-30 people total Showed up! And only about 5-10 people(one of them being ME)where in the very front of the stage headbanging and going ape shit! The best part was there was no rails in the front stage so you where even closer to the band if you where in the front...John Kevil of Warbringer kept calling everyone in the back pussies cause there was only about 10 people to be EXACT that where going ape shit and headbanging/thrashing in the front.....

But I still had a kick ass time. Vital Remains where good(NOT GREAT cause they only played about 5 songs and none of them where old school tunes)..WARBRINGER was epic(almost a perfect set had they played a couple more classics. This was a big deal for them because this was their first tour as direct support act. They even had a little speech about how it really meant alot to them and shit like that. They played a good 50 minute set and the best part was I kept screaming at john to play "At the crack of doom" and finally after repeatedly screaming the song he looks right at me and screams the title of the song...the rest is history)
PESTILENCE was just awesome old school fun but Martin Van Drunens presence was missing greatly at the show

But when they played "Land of Tears" all of us in the front went BALLISTICS

Did you go to this show?
8/31 - Sleep
10/19 - D.R.I
11/10 - Judas Priest
11/14 - Slayer
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