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Originally Posted by idrinkwine732 View Post
This is merely an exchange of ideas on a topic related to the original post. Assuming I read this correctly and the discussion is about the ethics of Watain's live show and not about last week's dinner, I don't see how this is bothersome. It isn't necessarily the type of discussion where we attempt to prove one another wrong, we merely exchange ideas and try to understand both sides. If any truth is gleaned throughout this discussion, that's fantastic.

If you can't suck it up, maybe the internet isn't for you.

It's not a matter of sucking it up, as I'm not necessarily offended by anything that's been said about the band or the disagreement with certain aspects of their live show. To disagree with the band's actions or dislike them because of said actions is one thing, but when you start calling their fans or people who adhere to similar belief systems as "clowns" or "fucking idiots", without necessarily having any real understanding of what it is they believe in or why, then it becomes personal. In the end, it's no real skin off my back as there are far more important things than some irrelevant internet argument to focus my time and attention on, but at some point I feel obligated to stick up for the fan base I am proudly a part of. Obviously no one is going to change anyone else's opinion on the matter of animal sacrifice/killing, though; as zgodt has just stated, "If you're not convinced, you're not convinced."

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