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Originally Posted by SplinterMech View Post
Then do something about it. De-railing a thread about a specific show with your own preachy opinion (and this applies to anyone else for that matter) isn't going change anything. You should go to their shows and protest or something, then see what the fuck happens. This thread is about the Atlanta show, it's setlist, and people's experiences whilst there. Leave the criticism for a forum that actually warrants it.
This is merely an exchange of ideas on a topic related to the original post. Assuming I read this correctly and the discussion is about the ethics of Watain's live show and not about last week's dinner, I don't see how this is bothersome. It isn't necessarily the type of discussion where we attempt to prove one another wrong, we merely exchange ideas and try to understand both sides. If any truth is gleaned throughout this discussion, that's fantastic.

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