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Originally Posted by BloodoftheKings View Post
I love how on The Scream World Tour he's only playing one song off Scream.
It makes sense actaully First of all the album isn't that good to begin with and second over the last 15 years when Ozzy tours to support a new album the only song that gets a reaction from the crowd is whatever happens to be the a single from it. I saw him on Ozzmosis and Back To Earth tours and besides Perry Mason, See You On The Other Side and Gets Me Through the crowd could care less about the new material.

There's no point in playing songs that are gonna fall on deaf ears when you have so many crowd pleasing classics to choose from. Ozzy fans aren't going to hear the new stuff. Especially when the stuff has been as god awful as his last two albums.

I know 'Life Won't Wait For You' is the new single. I've heard it on the radio a few times. Maybe take out FWB, which is a cool tune but not needed and do LWWFY instead.

Also, the discussion as to how Maiden does their set is laughable considering Maiden still writes top notch material with their new realeases where Ozzy is far, far from that now.
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