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Halford -- Allentown, PA -- December 4th, 2010

Awesome night, and metal as hell. Was right on the rail in front of Roy Z. Set was good and didn't drag in the least, and it was just so much fun. Rob really shows a different side of himself at these clubs shows, he seems to be having a lot more fun, and talks to the audience a bit more. The whole band was in top form, but sadly it was WAY too loud. I'm guessing it's mostly because they're coming off doing arena shows and played in a small club. Also, Croc Rock has a reputation for being unreasonably loud. I got two picks from Roy Z and one from Mike Davis (bass). The set was about 90 minutes long.

Afterwards, my sister and I actually got to go backstage and hang out with the whole band, sans Halford, who was gone. I kinda expected that. I know a lot of folks would be like: "What's the point?", but Roy Z is one of my favorite guitarists, and Bobby Jarzombek is my favorite drummer. Both of them were absurdly nice, and it was really cool to hang out with everyone for a while. Definitely a fantastic night, even though my ears are still ringing so badly right now.

Set list:
02.Made in Hell
03.Locked and Loaded
04.Made of Metal
05.Nailed to the Gun (Fight)
06.Fire and Ice
07.Thunder and Lightning
08.The Green Manalishi (Priest)
09.Diamonds and Rust (Priest)
10.Jawbreaker (Priest)
11.Like There's No Tomorrow
13.Drop Out
16.Heart of a Lion (Priest)
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