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Originally Posted by SplinterMech View Post
This thread is pretty amusing. I'm not quite sure what all the arguing is about. Watain present something that is at the other side of the spectrum spiritually/ideologically than what some of you believe? You don't support the killing of animals or the use of blood at their shows? They beat up some idiot who got in their way at a show? I'm not a certified genius or anything, but I think the conclusion is that, if you don't like or support the band, either don't buy their albums or don't go to their shows. Seems pretty simple to me, but, hey, what do I know, right?
Indeed, I won't buy their albums or go to their shows. But that's still a little simplistic, right? Suppose someone is running an dog-fighting ring in your neighborhood; is it enough just to say "if you don't like it don't go"? Animal cruelty is unethical and criminal, not just a matter of taste.
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