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Vince Young (college)
Peyton Manning (pro)
Ray Lewis (pro)
Ted Ginn Jr (college)
Troy Smith (college)
Terrelle Proyor (college)
Beanie Wells (college)
Malcom Jenkins (college)
Phillip Rivers (college saw his wolfpack fight hard against my buckeyes taking them to two overtimes)
Greg Oden (college)
Plaxico Buress (college watched him upset my Buckeyes at home )
Jim Jackson (college)
Eddie George (college)
Michael Redd (college)
Evan Turner (college)
Edgerrin James (pro)
Marvin Harrison (pro)
Carson Palmer (pro)
Chad Johnson (pro)
Rudi Johnson (pro)
TJ Housh (pro)
Bob Sanders (pro)
Dallas Clark (pro)
Reggie Wayne (pro)
Rick Nash (pro)
RJ Umberger (pro)
Mark Price (pro)
Brad Daughty (pro)
Michael Jordan (pro)
Scottie Pippin (pro)
Manny Ramirez (pro)
David Ortiz (pro)
Kevin Youklis (pro)
David Lee (pro)
Jason Padroia (pro)

Want to see:

Sidney Crosby
Josh Hamilton
Brett Farve
Lebron James
Kevin Durant
Chris Paul
Ndamokong Suh
Adrian Peterson
Kevin Love
Kobe Bryant

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