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Despised Icon -- Toronto, Ontario -- December 3rd, 2010

Oceano(might be some missing cuz I was late but I'm gonna assume on some)

Precursor to Enslavement
Regulated Disposal of Life
Samael the Destroyer
Inhuman Affliction
District of Misery

Beneath the Massacre

The Casket You Sleep In
Society's Disposable Son
Our Common Grave
No Future
Drill Baby Drill/Designed to Strangle
Black Tide
The System's Failure

The Acacia Strain

Whoa! Shut It Down!
See You Next Tuesday
The Hills Have Eyes
Dr. Doom
Balboa Towers

Despised Icon
Pretty much exact same as night before, except for a few, sort of a letdown, I would've thought if it was the last time they were gonna play they would pull out some different songs, I really wanted to hear Five One Four or Sleepless, but I guess their mentality was if someone didn't come to the first show they would get to hear all the favourites, I say screw that, mix it up a little, but that's just me lol RIP

All For Nothing
A Fractured Hand
Diva of Disgust
Les Temps Changent
The Sunset Will Never Charm Us
Compelled to Copulate
The Ills of Modern Man
Sheltered Reminiscence
Day of Mourning
Furtive Monologue
In the Arms of Perdition
8/8 - I Declare War/Molotov Solution
8/9 - Summer Slaughter
8/13 - Blind Witness
9/16 - Parkway Drive
9/24 - Crush Em All
12/7 - BTBAM/AAL

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