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Originally Posted by loganarchy View Post
See, your advantage was that you were right in front of the middle of the stage I got more of the cool background lighting in mine, with their dark figures illuminated against it, but rarely was I able to shoot their actual faces.

I like those a lot, though. Good job.

Also, did you meet Ben from Goatwhore? I was looking for him at the merch table after the show but I couldn't find him. Shame, I wanted to chat with him and maybe get a pic. I'm sure he would've remembered me, as I was screaming the words the whole time, and would've given me a high-five
thanks. yeh i am always up and in there face when i got to shows and take pics.
no Ben was nowhere to be found all night. i did find Sammy but Ben was absent all night and i was also looking for a picture. Sammy did say they were starting to get ready for their new cd as soon as this tour is done
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