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Part 6:

61.) Weezer- Hurley

Ever since Maldroit. Weezer has been defied by their "shit, good shit, good, shit, good, style of album making. Raditude was one of the shittiest albums of last year. Hurley is definitely a better album. It still pretty damn poppy for my taste, but its a step in the right direction. I am one of "those guys" hoping Weezer would go back to making Rock albums. I understand those days are long gone, but I'll keep hoping for it. In the mean time, this will tide me over.


62.) Shining- Blackjazz

The most fucked up album of 2010 by far. I love it so much. The album title says it all. It is Back Metal and Jazz. Every song is just as fucked up as the next in some way shape or form, but I wouldn't have it any other way. If these guys ever get big enough to tour the states, I don't care where, I'll be there front row center to see them.


63.) Raunchy- A Discord Electric

Give me shit all you want, I love Raunchy. Ever since I heard Insane on a local Metal show. The one thing that always caught my attention about these guys is there sense of making awesome chunky guitar riffs and sensible pop hooks all in the same song. Something that bands like Attack Attack! and Brokencyde decided to rape and mutilate in the shittiest way. Because of that Raunchy will never get taken seriously *if they couldn't already because of the band name*. The new album is what I feel to be a continuation of the last two albums. Not necessarily bad, but nothing groundbreaking at all. Just average. If you've never checked out Raunchy before, this may be a good album t start off with, if you skipped the last album, you might as well skip this one as well.


64.) Allen-Lande- The Showdown

What can I say. It's an all-star album of Symphonic Progressive Power Metal. So of course it is cheesy as all hell. But being a prog fan, that's what I expect and love. The album overall has a very 80's Metal feel to it, but in a good way. While the album is not ground breaking, it has a lot of great memorable riffs and and very cool songs. For fans of this genre, it is a must have.


65.) Armored Saint- La Raza

This was not the album I was expecting to be the return of one of the best Metal bands of the 80s. It may be because I somewhat overlooked this album, but the album doesn't really stand out too much. Overall, it's really average. Which is sad considering this is John Bush's gig now. If they make a new album I'll have better hopes for it. But for La Raza, to me, it's album I gotta be in the right mood to listen to.


66.) Volbeat- Beyond Hell/Above Heaven

One of the best bands going today of their genre. Every album they put out gets better and better. While they do stick to their formula, it's a great formula. The addition of guest appearances of members of Napalm Death and Kreator is also a nice choice. Check this one out. Groove Metal to a T.


67.) GWAR- Bloody Pit Of Horror

I will go on record saying Lust In Space is one of, if not the best GWAR album made. And I'm pretty sure I'm one of the 7 people who will ever say that. Bloody Pit Of Horror is absolutely the counter opposite of Lust In Space. And that is a good thing. This is way more Thrashy and Punkish. at 37 minutes, this is a short album, but any longer may be pushing too much. This is one that can be played over and over again and not feel old.


68.) Bullet For My Valentine- Fever

They lost me completely. Scream Aim Fire was going on such a great track, then they decided to be commercial again. I'm very let down by the album. Musically it is cool, but the lyrics are so god damn whiny. It really makes their goal to be an Emo band that much closer. Oh well, they could have been a great band, but hey as Devin Townsend said on the Punky Bruster album: "This Punk Rock scene is shit, but there's money to be made. So let's milk it!!!"


69.) Brain Drill- Quantum Catastrophe

Brutal Death metal to the absolute extreme. it does get a bit overbearing after a while, but in small doses, this is a great album. I haven't seen them live, but I would really hope they can pull shit shit off in a live setting.


70.) Deftones- Diamond Eyes

Best album since White Pony. Which honestly doesn't say a lot. But this album has improved the band in so many ways. The last two albums sucked bad. This is a real return to form, while being completely different. I really hope they can keep this momentum going on their next album.


71.) Arsis- Starve For The Devil

Probably the most startling change of 2010 for me. From being one of the most technical Death Metal bands to being the American version of Children Of Bodom. While not a bad thing, I understand how long time hans will be greatly disappointed by this album. I however loved We Are The Nightmare and Starve For The Devil equally. Two completely different albums but just as Metal. I respect Arsis's choice to go a bit Thrashier instead of Technical Death Metal. It made for some quality song writing and overall, dare I say, a fun album.


72.) Intronaut- Valley Of Smoke

Without question Intronaut's best album. It's their Proggiest yet and damn it, it's amazing. They made the right choice going in this direction. They've showcased everything they are about in 8 beautiful, yet Metal songs.I hope Valley Of Smoke will give Intronaut the recognition they absolutely deserve.


73.) Star One- Victims Of The Modern Age

It's Arjen. What else do you need? I'd be lying if I said I wasn't sad by the fact that Ayreon may never return, but if he keeps making the quality of albums Victims Of The Modern Age is, I will be forever happy. Heavy, Proggy, not as cheesy. Damn it's awesome!


74.) Spock's Beard- X

People have been saying for years that without Neal More in the band that Spock's Beard might as well hang it up. For a while I was almost in that same boat. Then my mind became clear with X. This is dare I say their best album the band has ever produced. they really put it all on the line for this album. It tears me up inside Spock's Beard can't even afford to tour behind this album. It is so damn good. Prog Rock fans have no idea what they are missing if they don't pick up X. One of the best Prog Rock albums in the last decade, and without question the best Prog Rock of the year.


75.) Soilwork- The Panic Broadcast

It's been a long time coming for Soilwork to make good music again. This album has that in every track. Easily their best album since Figure Number 5. While they mainstream songs are still there, their other tracks are more brutal then their early material, which is fucking awesome. I hope they phase out the mainstream songs and come back to the dark side, it is what they are best at.


*Part 7 will most likely be the last part. Stay tuned!
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