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Originally Posted by DethMaiden View Post
Alright, this was inspired by a tweet I made tonight that nobody on planet Earth is gonna reply to where I asked what five NBA players you haven't seen that you want to. So I'll include those below, but who are the most impressive athletes (any sport) you've seen live, and which are you most dying to see play?

Terrelle Pryor (OSU, annihilating my Hoosiers)
I've seen him play for nearly three seasons and still don't see what everyone else sees in this guy. Maybe it's bias, but I don't think he's special at all.


Barry Sanders
Joe Dumars
Steve Yzerman
Sergei Federov
Donovan McNabb (when he was in college)
Tom Brady
Peyton Manning
Anthony Thomas (when he was in college with Michigan)
Charles Woodson (both college and pro)
Pavel Datsyuk
Henrik Zetterberg
Alan Trammell
Roy Halladay
Miguel Cabrera

Would like to see:

Alex Ovechkin
Steven Stamkos
Albert Pujols
Tim Lincecum
Michael Vick
Kevin Durant

That's all for now.

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