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Originally Posted by powerslave_85 View Post

Best show of 2010: Community

I wasn't immediately sold on Community. I watched the first episode or two, but it didn't grab me and I ignored it. Then a few months ago I saw the paintball episode ("Modern Warfare") and it all finally clicked. It's certainly the most consistent of NBC's Thursday night line-up, as I can't think of a single episode that is flat-out bad. It has the best ensemble cast since Arrested Development, and unlike a lot of comedies it spends lots of time developing the characters and putting them in different combinations to let them play off each other. It can also get away with much more bizarre plots than most shows. In fact, I would compare it to the first few seasons of The Simpsons. Some people might be turned off by the meta humor that it frequently indulges in (mostly provided by Abed, who for my money is the best character on TV right now), but I like that. Anyways, if you're already watching 30 Rock and The Office, you'd be loathe to not tune in a half hour earlier to catch this.

Although I'll still take Ron Fucking Swanson over Abed in a pinch.
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